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The Gold Sugar Story

The Alt Aspermont castle stands on a small hill in the pretty village of Trimmis in Switzerland. The castle was already verifiably mentioned in the year 1170. It is presumed that the former castle lords had already begun to look for the philosopher's stone in the middle ages. In trying to make gold and after many attempts it must have come to the first production of gold sugar. The documents and proof were lost in what is thought to have been a fire in the castle in the year 1650 and the castle began to fall apart. Today it is no longer possible to verify the history but in 2010 the inventor, Gerd Mattheiss found something.

The find
Gerd Mattheiss is an energetic inventor from Trimmis. In the middle ages he would have certainly been called an alchemist. His secret excavations on the hill of Alt Aspermont castle uncovered a cave beneath the castle in which he found gold particles and other remnants which suggest alchemy. Microscopic analysis revealed that the objects found showed former attempts with gold and sugar.

Eureka Gold Sugar
This find led Gerd Mattheiss to create a symbiosis between gold and sugar. Following years of research in his quite laboratory he made a breakthrough and Gold Sugar was created.

The product Gold Sugar is available to anyone today and who knows if the story was the same in the middle ages.