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Luxury and magic

For thousands of years gold has been a symbol of beauty, wealth and immortality, love, appreciation and success as well as being used as currency. In many cultures the precious metal has been consumed for just as long.

It is completely non-toxic, non-allergenic and flavourless. Bakers crown their most exclusive creations with gold foil. In India gold foil has been used for centuries to adorn baked goods and dishes for weddings and religious festivities. In China, for example, meat is decorated with gold dust. In Japan famous chefs adorn their finest sashimi with gold. In Pakistan and other countries gold is even thought to be an aphrodisiac and stimulant.

Additionally, gold is one of the oldest medicines and has been used for centuries by healers and doctors, still today in dentistry, rheumatology, and homoeopathy.

By now Swedish and American scientists have even proven that tiny doses of the precious metal has a regulatory effect on the human immune system and can prevent infections

Gold Sugar – the sign of appreciation, success and immortality
Whether at home, in your hotel, on your yacht or in your private jet, at parties, receptions or business dinners - Gold Sugar always provides a special moment and not only gives your drinks like coffee, tea or cocktails the desired sweetness but an especially high-class appearance as well. A classy expression of elegance, wealth and beauty...offer yourself and your guests golden moments with an extraordinary, exclusive treat!

You can use Gold Sugar just like normal sugar cubes. The sugar sweetens your drink while the paper thin real 24 karat gold particles provide a wonderful, glittering and appealing finish. Set a new trend with Gold Sugar!

Gold Sugar naturally meets international guidelines for food, is flavourless and non-toxic.