The man with the golden touch

Gerd Mattheiss

His ingenuity

Whatever Gerd Mattheiss touches, turns to gold — literally. After he had worked for about 20 years as a management consultant, he decided in 2007: “Now I am dedicating myself to my passion for invention!” As a result, he withdrew to his basement in Trimmis and came up with ideas. He developed environmentally friendly, cost-effective propulsion technologies for cars and boats. And finally, a patented process for coating materials with every kind of precious and non-precious metal — a qualitative revolution on the market.

His world-class innovation

Over time, he built the NOBLINE luxury brand which embellishes the most varied objects with gold. Even those for which gold-plating was long thought to be impossible — for example, blossoms, skeleton leaves, furs and hair extensions. Because the new procedure makes it possible to retain the finest surface structures.

His customers

The filigreed masterpieces have attracted the notice of customers all over the world — from Russian oligarchs to Arabic sultans. They all want Gerd Mattheiss to cover their lives in gold. Why not join them!