3 reasons

Why gold enriches our erveryday


Symbolic jewelry

For centuries, gold has been the symbol of beauty, wealth and purity. Couple these ideals to the effect that light has on it and you can understand why gold has been embellishing its owners more than any other precious metal.


Capstone for food

For a long time, gold has also been decorating food without imparting any taste of its own to it because it is hygienically harmless — as reflected in European Approval Nr. E 175. All over the world, pastry chefs crown their masterpieces with gold leaf. At Indian weddings and religious feasts, gold leaf has decorated the food for hundreds of years. The Chinese ennoble meat with gold dust while famous Japanese chefs use the precious metal on raw fish and seafood.


Medical effects

Healers and doctors have used gold for centuries as medication — and continue to do so to this day in dentistry, rheumatology, and homeopathy. Swedish and American researchers proved several years ago that gold has a regulating effect on our immune system. In Pakistan and several other countries, the precious metal serves as a stimulant and aphrodisiac.

Whether in tea, coffee or champagne, you too can sample the purity of gold.