The story behind Gold Sugar


The Castle

If you want to understand the history of Gold Sugar, you would do well to climb the Alt-Aspermont High Castle in Trimmis, Switzerland. This mystical ruin fascinated the inventor, Gerd Mattheiss ever since he lived in the tranquil village — now for more than 25 years.

The Inspiration

“What stories could have taken place during the Middle Ages on Alt-Aspermont?”, he asked himself over and over. Did the lords of the castle seek the “Philosopher’s Stone” in order to learn how to produce gold? The idea inspired him. And as nebulous as the events that took place during the Middle Ages in the High Castle seem today, it was perfectly clear to him: “I want to turn ordinary objects into gold”. During the Middle Ages, Gerd Mattheiss would probably have been called an alchemist.

The golden discovery

Is the natural structure of gold retained on the nanoscale? This was the challenge he gave himself in order to be able to coat the finest contours of different objects with the precious metal. In 2007, he finally developed a revolutionary process to make it work. And in the end, the 24 karat sugar with the sweetness of gold emerged from his workshop. It is accepted under foodstuff regulations and is suitable for consumption. How long before you be enriching your day with it too!