Gild Your Moment

Three 24 carat Gold Sugar cubes

For connoisseurs on the lookout for the extravagant: Give yourself an exclusive present with 24 karat Gold Sugar. Three pieces for three sparkling moments.

Gild Your Moment

Tea for two with 24 carat Gold Sugar cubes

NOBLINE’s Gold Sugar is a unique sugar cube covered in 24 carat gold. The revolutionary patented process allows for the microscopic surface of a sugar cube to be covered in gold.

Gild Your Moment

Four 24 carat Gold Sugar cubes

With 24 carat Gold Sugar you will discover extravagance in brief moments – whether with tea, coffee or champagne.

Gild Your Moment

Covered in 24 carat edible Gold

Gold Sugar sweetens your drink while the paper thin real 24 carat gold particles provide a wonderful, glittering and appealing finish.

Gild Your Moment

Five 24 carat Gold Sugar cubes

Five cubes of 24 carat gold coating enoble your tea, coffee or champagne. Indulge your friends in the exclusive gift-packaging of wood decorated with gold script.

Gild Your Moment

Six 24 carat Gold Sugar cubes

Six Gold Sugar cubes with 24 carat gold coatings for six special moments.

Gild Your Moment

Seven 24 carat Gold Sugar cubes

Enhance your tea, coffee or champagne with 24 carat Gold Sugar. In this noble gift packaging of wood are found seven of the extravagante cubes. Treat yourself and your friends to this special moment.

Gild Your Moment

Eight 24 carat Gold Sugar cubes

Eight sparkling sugar cubes with 24 carat coating to gild your tea, coffee or champagne.

Gild Your Moment

Nine 24 carat Gold Sugar cubes

Nine sparkling sugar cubes with 24 carat coatung to gild your tea, coffee or champagne. Treat yourself and your friends to this extravagant experience.

More Luxury for Your Customers

Twenty 24 carat Gold Sugar cubes

Glittering experiences perfect for business: Spoil your customers with 24 karat Gold Sugar. Twenty pieces — each a filigreed masterpiece.

How the Golden Idea Came to Pass


The Alt Aspermont castle stands on a small hill in the pretty village of Trimmis in Switzerland. The castle was already verifiably mentioned in the year 1170. It is presumed that the former of the castle lords had already begun to look for the philosopher’s stone in the middle ages.
In trying to make gold and after many attempts it must have come to the first production of gold sugar. The documents and proof were lost in what is thought to have been a fire in the castle in the year 1650 and the castle began to fall apart.
Today it is no longer possible to verify the history but in 2010 the inventor, Gerd Mattheiss found something.

Gerd Mattheiss is an energic inventor from Trimmis. In the middle ages he would have certainly been called an alchemist. His secret excavations on the hill of Alt Aspermont castle uncovered a cave beneath the castle in wich he found gold particles and other remnants which suggest alchemy.
Microscopic analysis releaved that the objects found showed former attempts witch gold and sugar.

This find led Gerd Mattheiss to create a symbiosis between gold and sugar.
Following years of research in his quite laboratory he made a breakthrough and Gold Sugar was created.
The product GOLD SUGAR is available to anyone today and who knows if the story was the same in the middle ages..

Unique the world over

24 Carat Gold Sugar

Ever think you already have everything? Gold Sugar magically transforms even the small moments into extravagant experiences. Gild your tea, coffee or champagne with the exclusive sugar cube that comes with a pure, 24 carat gold coating. The revolutionary patented process from its inventor, Gerd Mattheiss makes it possible to introduce the precious metal into the fine structure of the sugar. For a maximum of beauty, luxury and lifestyle.

Astonish your guests with this elegant and unique product. Set them off on a sweetness trip all their own. Or simply indulge yourself in a golden moment all your own.

This is how gold ennobles our everyday

Extravagant jewelry, food’s crowning touch, effective medication: there are many good reasons to discover gold for yourself. Do you think you know all there is to know about this precious metal?

Who is this man of gold?

Gerd Mattheiss has astonished us with his inventions for years. He started his inventions as a really young child with an age of 7 years. The gold-coated products from his workshop are fascinating millionaires throughout the world — from Russian oligarchs to Arabic sultans.

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